SALT. Contemporary Art and Feminism Magazine



Last night I went to a talk at the Shoreditch House SALT. MAGAZINE TALK CONTEMPORARY ART AND FEMINISM.


Salt Magazine was created in March 2012 by Saira Edwards, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, Jala Wahid..

These practicing visual artists are the four editors of the magazine that work on an open submission basis. The editors of SALT launched the publication right after graduating from Goldschmidt in an attempt to create for themselves the missing platform. however they are not gendered focused as one might expect but willing to define feminise as a quest to equality. The idea is not to have a women-only platform but an ‘idot-free’ one as the light-heartedly joked about it.

The talk was moderated by Gemma Rolls-Bentley from East London Fawcett (ELF) who shared with the audience an interesting set of statistics based on their art audit. The representation of women artists in galleries, museums, public auctions, art fairs etc… is always roughly around 30%.

The Art Projects section at the London Art Fair 2014 – where Galerie E.G.P exhibited – showed that there was a progress among the emerging galleries since the rate there was 50%. As a gallery, we are regrettably close to the usual number as far as women’s representation is concerned. Why is that? Are we unintendedly part of the boys’ club ? These are questions that have been raised tonight even if they don’t have an answer yet. I will let you know as soon as we have figured it out. Food for thought…


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