When Design meets Art

In October 2010, Galerie E.G.P participated to its first  art fair. Igor Josifov performed 2-Dimensional for a mesmerised Parisian public that had countless reactions. Laying in a box covered in Plexiglas, Igor Josifov, motionless, becomes a bridge between the outside world and the art world.


In the run up to the fair, we were faced with a challenge: having the box built. Easy one would think. Well, think again. The number of dumbfounded carpenters we talked to was impressive. Until we found Kwantiq. The company had just been started at the time by two talented designers who had just graduated from the prestigious Ecole Boule. And everything became easier. They immediately understood the concept and were as excited as we were about it and gave their input with stylish steps and breathing openings.

Tonight, Kwantiq was featured in France 5 with their table Orionis that has a cosmic grace. congratulations!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 22.42.50


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