Last week to Tell Me About It

Tell Me About It is a solo exhibition by Andy Flett that started in January at Galerie E.G.P in Paris. And it will soon be over. This week is your last chance to see the hypnotic portraits created by this talented artist.


An academic psychologist, Andy Flett is currently undertaking an MA degree in Art & Science at Central Saint Martin’s College in London. In 2013, he took part in In Transit, the interim show for Central Saint Martin’s MAs in Fine Art, Art & Science and Photography; he also took part in Convergence of the Twain at the Science Museum in London. He will graduate in 2014.


Flett’s work concerns itself with empathy; the way in which it develops and the ways in which it is expressed. The artist builds on his professional experience to create intriguing and insightful portraits which give the viewer a fleeting glimpse into their subject’s life.


Tell Me About it, Andy Flett, Galerie E.G.P, until March 15th, 2014

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