Where I would like to be…

….Athens where Igor Josifov is performing 2-Dimensional at the Onassis Cultural Center prior to a talk by Marina Abramovic. Igor Josifov has participated in her exhibition at the MoMA “The Artist is Present” in 2010. He performed 2-Dimensional for the opening of the modern wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. The work literally encases the artist’s body and creates energy with viewers through the potential for a direct engagement.  Although the artist is visible and lucid, the case renders the artist’s body as intangible.



…New York with the fair frenzy having taken over the city. Since I could not be there this year, here are a few pictures that are memories of last year. My personal highlight was of course seeing Takesada Matsutani at the Guggenheim as we opened the gallery in 2009 with a solo exhibition of his work. The overall exhibition “Gutai – Splendid Playground” was fantastic curated by Ming Tiampo and Alexandra Munroe.


The good news is though that we will be exhibiting both Takesada Matsutani and Igor Josifov at Art Paris Art Fair in Paris at stand G9.



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