This week @GalerieEGP (06.01.2014)

reminder_emailer Monday (06.01.2014)

We are back! After drafting a massive to-do-list, I am astonished by how fast I am going through it. Was that break deserved and needed? This renewed energy will come handy since we are planning five events during the first quarter of 2014!

We have prepared a quarterly newsletter recapitulating everything: Art Projects at the London Art Fair (stand P15) with Oliver Bragg and Nicholas Portalupi), #EGPruns for Refuge, Andy Flett’s solo exhibition, Art Paris Art Fair (with Takesada Matsutani and Igor Josifov), Oliver Bragg’s solo exhibition.

We were excited to see that Igor Josifov’s Nelson Mandela legitimately made national news in Macedonia. You can find the article by clicking here.


As far as exciting news are going, Nicholas Portalupi’s latest works have left San Francisco for London. Londoners will be able to see them at the London Art Fair!


Tuesday (07.01.2014)

Andy Flett’s latest works are finding their way to Paris while we have made it possible to have a sneak preview of our P15 stand at the London Art Fair possible (click here).


Wednesday (08.01.2014)

In between appointments in Mayfair I went to see Daumier (1808-1879): Visions of Paris at the Royal Academy of Arts before heading to a diner at Peyote on Cork street. Aside from the bill nothing is quite hallucinogenic and one is better off sticking to Boho Mexica.

Meanwhile in Paris, Lydie was overlooking the packing and shipment of artworks in the bitter cold at the warehouse so who am I to complain?

Thursday (09.01.2014) and Friday (10.01.2014)

I picked up some wonderful photographs today that will be shown at the London Art Fair where we will be selling them for just GBP 100!

Artworks came from the warehouse to the gallery today ready to be shown next week on our stand (P15).


Biographies, leaflets…are being printed. We are also organizing it.


Amongst important matters being discussed are outfits. We are determining what we will be wearing on the opening night. You will be surprised.


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