Looking back / Looking forward



What happened in 2013?

Here are a few events that occurred in 2013 and that I consider the highlights of my professional year.

In February we opened our Shoreditch office to the public. The first exhibition was by Igor Josifov and focused on his series Purification. A lot of champagne made the celebration even more memorable!


At the end of February/beginning of March we participated in Art13 London as part of the Young Galleries section. The booth was dedicated to Oliver Bragg’s show Is It. The centrepiece was a post apocalyptic geodesic dome that one had to crawl through the entrance to watch what life will be like in Gablody.


A great number of visitors enjoyed the experience when they were not glued to the Yeti. 


Towards the end of the fair we had made it our comfortable home and would walk visitors though the concept from the couch.


The following weekend I went straight on to New York where the Armory Show was taking place. The absolute highlight of the trip was to visit Gutai – Splendid Playground at the Guggenheim Museum where works by Takesada Matsutani were exhibited. A truly emotional moment since we opened Galerie E.G.P in 2009 with a solo exhibition by the artist.


2013 is also the year we were happy to start working with the American artist Nicholas Portalupi.  His first exhibition was a success and the delicate collages were not only spellbinding but with an hypnotic natural strength.


November was our first show with Rachel Rom whose solo exhibition was a great success indeed. The scenography by Severine Cattani served the concept perfectly and it got us embarking into a complete transformation of the exhibition space.


In December, the world was mourning the loss of one of its greatest figure and at the gallery we were incredibly touched by Igor Josifov’s homage.


From 2013 onto 2014, E.G.P decided to run for Refuge and raise much needed funds for this fantastic charity! We were very proud when we heard the official launch on French Radio London last October. So we keep encouraging everyone to go to www.egprunsforrefuge.com until January 19th, 2014, support us and get an artwork! Thanks again to Oliver Bragg for our awesome T-shirts!



I am grateful that we have so many things to look forward to. One of them that may be lacking though is sleep with five events in the first quarter, notwithstanding news coming from our artists.

We will take part in the London Art Fair within the curated section, Art Projects. We will be exhibiting Oliver Bragg and Nicholas Portalupi at stand P15.


The same week we will be running for Refuge (January 19th, 2014) in Hyde Park (www.egprunsforrefuge.com).

The following week in Paris, Andy Flett will be having his first solo show in Paris and that will be happening at Galerie E.G.P!


Igor Josifov will exhibit in February at the Yellowstone Art Museum before participating with Galerie E.G.P at Art Paris Art Fair, the last week of March, along with Takesada Matsutani. 


And yes, the same week will be the opening of Oliver Bragg’s solo exhibition in Paris. So stay tuned as I will have so much to tell you about in 2014! And once again, Happy New Year!


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