This week @GalerieEGP (09.12.13)

10 December 2013

Like the rest of the world, at Galerie E.G.P, both in Paris and London we were watching Nelson Mandela’s memorial. We were particularly touched by the blazing tribute to the man that lived a “life like no other” by Igor Josifov who had drawn with fire the late great man. An impressive technique indeed especially when one knows that this fire drawing measures 115 x 115 cm!

We then recover from this historical morning thanks to an impromptu photo shoot. Galerie E.G.P has launched a campaign to support Refuge, a charity that helps women and children victims of domestic abuse. The team is going to take part in a run on 19 January 2014 and each member is trying to get some support. The artistic edge? The supporters receive an artworks in accordance to the level of donation they went for on the dedicated website:

Oliver Bragg has generously designed fantastic T-shirts for the team so it was indeed tempting to put them on prior to the race.




11 December 

Jealous? Don’t worry we made it possible for you to get a T-shirt too! We have launched a contest. It is quite easy. Send us your best running pics – these can be of yourself or about running in general – at or via our Facebook page. We´ll choose our favorite one and the winner will get a free one-of-a-kind t-shirt designed by award-winning artist Oliver Bragg! The competition ends on the 17th of December so you can receive you coveted prize before Christmas. So put on those running shoes and show us what you’ve got!


We also proudly finished and sent out fair applications before the deadline!

In the meantime, in Paris Saturday’s brunch is being thoroughly prepared and the list of pastries makes us salivate. If you are in Paris on Saturday it is an additional reason not to miss the second event we are organizing around Rachel Rom’s exhibition. All the details are on Facebook.

Martin Solveig, Caporal Films, Blow, Solveig, DJ, Paris

12 December

The Eurostar yet again. It is quite telling when members of staff know you, isn’t it? We arrived in Paris, went to the gallery and enjoyed a few pastries enjoying in this respect our status of pre-VIPs.

I went to my usual Parisian first stops: La Hune and the Cafe de Flore.


As one would imagine, it resulted in the purchase of books. The title immediately sold me on one of them: “Pourquoi un enfant de cinq ans n’aurait pas pu faire cell” (Why your five year old could not have done that). Thank you Susie Hodge – it made me smile just to see the cover of the book that is trying to answer to this perpetual remark. Having worked a lot on the work of Lucio Fontana in the past few years I thought the cover was quite appropriate. It promises to be an interesting and humorous read. To be continued…


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