Frieze Week Day 4

The day started at Tate Britain, where the purchases made by Tate for its collection at Frieze thanks to the Outset Frieze Art Fair Fund were announced.

Outset has set up this fund during the early days of Frieze Art Fair. It has become an important feature of the fair and Nicholas Serota reminded everybody that “Outset’s work in championing emerging and re-emerging artists has become a vital component of the contemporary art world. Tate is enormously grateful for the very generous support from Outset that has allowed us to add many important works to the national collection over the past ten years. We are once again excited to be able to select work from Frieze Art Fair in London, so that a broad public at Tate can experience new art as it emerges.”

The Tate Collection has been enriched with the additions of:
Terry Adkins, Muffled Drums (from Darkwater) (2003)
Christina Mackie, The Dies (2008)
James Richards, Not Blacking Out, Just Turning The Lights Off (2011)
Sturtevant, Trilogy of Transgression (2004)


Shuttles were taking some people back to Frieze Art Fair to show them the works selected. Others, including me, went on to Oscar Murillo’s exhibition at the South London Gallery. For his first major solo exhibition in the UK, London-based artist Oscar Murillo emptied his studio to present its contents in the main gallery space. Using elements that are shared by continents/countries crossed by the Equator, the artist through the intimate setting of his studio links these emerging places. Their cultural similarities could eventually form  that is distinct from the western one.

Oscar Murillo was present and explained his exhibition briefly. Londoners will have an other chance to listen to him on November 20th, 2013.


Edge of Arabia was the next stop with a solo show by Abdulnasser Gharem, one of the major contemporary artist from Saudi Arabia. The exhibition is a great reminder of the impact that art can have in countries where freedom of speech is not obvious.


Returning to Frieze London and Frieze Masters, I went back into the aisles, picked up an artwork that I am so pleased to have acquired before heading to the West End tour of the galleries lazily at this point of the day…


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